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Résidence BridgeStreet Montparnasse
Résidence BridgeStreet Montparnasse - Paris - Park Montsouris

Résidence BridgeStreet Montparnasse - Residence Paris

Park Montsouris
The creation of a park on this site corresponded to the plan of installation haussmannien, with the second Empire, for which each cardinal point of the capital was to have its park. A park arranged in garden with English. The old railways which traversed the site were dissimulated to create an undulating landscape. The Park constitutes a preserved natural environment: one finds there, among the 1400 trees, poplar of Virginia, cedar of Lebanon, elms of Siberia, ginko biloba and of very many species of birds.
Résidence BridgeStreet Montparnasse - Paris - Jardin Du Luxembourg
Jardin Du Luxembourg
This garden gives the feeling of greatness and prestige. A bandstand and a roundabout with wooden horses were inherited from the 19th Century. Game areas are located among hundreds of sculptures by Bourdelle and others from the19th Century.
Résidence BridgeStreet Montparnasse - Paris - Montparnasse
Once that you arrived at the 59čme stage of the Montparnasse Tower the town of Paris offers to you. A sight which carries up to 40 kilometers... then do not forget your telescope!
Résidence BridgeStreet Montparnasse - Paris - The Pantheon
The Pantheon
The building is being used to commemorate important men since the death of Victor Hugo whose corps had been transferred to the monument in 1885. on the front is written “to great men, the greatful country”
Leon Foucault used the monument as a laboratory. He installed a pendulum to prove the earth turns on itself.
The last important ceremonies happened in the middle of the 20th Century.

The ashes of Jean Moulin were transferred to the Pantheon in 1964. in this occasion André Malraux did a famous speech in the presence of the General de Gaulle. André Malraux himself found his last rest in the same monument on the 23rd of November, 1996. the last successor was Alexandre Dumas.

Résidence BridgeStreet Montparnasse - Residence Paris

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